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Highline is an independent developer of infrastructure solutions for the telecommunications industry.
We build and operate different types of solutions for installing telecommunication equipment for the transmission of voice and data.


This sector is a fundamental part of any country’s infrastructure and is considered a relevant component for economic and social development. It is possible to observe that it is extremely dependent on innovation and on the various sources that generate research and information, which makes it essential to know and identify what those sources are by companies in the telecommunications sector.

Today, Brazil is the 5th largest telecommunications network in the world, having around 315 million accesses in Telecom services, generating more than 500 thousand jobs. Within this growth scenario, the entry of small providers has been calling attention. According to Anatel, this group had, in 2019 alone, an increase of 290 thousand contracts in the country.

Given this scenario, the trends in this market are as follows:

  • Growth of postpaid mobile data: according to Anatel in 2006 there were about 90 million mobile phone customers in Brazil Today that number has already exceeded 227 million.
  • 5G Technology: the next generation of mobile networks has been thought of since 2014 in a way that represents a real revolution for users, being up to 100 times faster than its predecessor 4G and consuming less energy.
  • Big data: User experience has become one of the biggest concerns of companies, and it is necessary to invest in a database. In the case of Telecom, this information collection can occur through devices, networks, applications, geolocation and data use.
  • Artificial intelligence: investments in artificial intelligence are expected to increase exponentially in the coming decades. In Telecom, it can be used on different fronts, all alongside other technologies, such as big data and management software.
  • High performance software: in addition to innovations focused on Telecom services, today several companies have also invested in technology to manage their processes and operations. And, with the expansion of Telecom services coming around, such as the increase in mobile networks, the deployment of 5G and the entry of new providers in the market, the trend is that management software is increasingly necessary.

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Our projects consist of the development of infrastructure solutions designed to meet the needs of our customers, customized according to the urban standards of the municipalities and regions where they will be executed.




Reinforced steel structures, self-supporting or guyed, which support transmission equipment of different communication technologies. Ideal for long distance coverage.


Steel structures installed on top of existing buildings, considerably increasing the coverage and network capacity. Ideal for densely populated urban areas and in places where the construction of a tower is not viable due to lack of land.


Customized coverage solutions in closed environments, eliminating shadow areas, ensuring voice and data quality in large enterprises, such as stadiums and shopping centers.

Green Sites &
Small Cells

Compact and sustainable solutions, ideal for regions with high voice and data traffic to improve coverage at specific points by expanding the network in harmony with urban architecture.

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DigitalBridge is a global leader in digital infrastructure, investing in, building, and operating the networks that enable connectivity and power the digital economy.

As Investors they singularly-focused on the digital ecosystem, seeking to shape and serve the needs of a fully digital, interconnected future.

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Code of Ethics and Conduct

Ethics and safety in the work environment are fundamental principles in our company, which must be constantly and effectively demanded from all employees and partners in our business.

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Increase your income with the rent of YOUR LAND

Investing in rental properties has always been an option considered to be profitable, safe and traditional.
We, at Highline, operate in the telecommunications segment, which, as everyone knows, is constantly expanding. If you own land and would like to profit from it, we are interested in partnering with you.
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Se você tem interesse em tornar-se nosso parceiro e fazer parte da nossa rede de fornecedores e prestação de serviço no segmento de telecomunicações nas áreas de  infraestrutura, instalação, manutenção e confecção de laudos, preencha o formulário abaixo e aguarde o nosso contato.

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Tower Maintenance

It is part of our essence to keep our towers in ideal conditions of use, however, we are not able to monitor all of them at the same time. In case you see a problem in any of them, help us to maintain excellence in our work by filling in data fields below, putting as much information as you have about the problem.

Press Office

For media inquiries or recent press releases:

Armando Yamada – armando.yamada@agencianyo.com.br
Adriana Leme – adriana.leme@agencianyo.com.br

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For other matters such as questions or suggestions related to the products or services provided, leave your message:

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